Robert Gebhardt

Robert has been a translator since childhood. He has not, however, ever received a degree in translation. These days, his clients include banks, corporations, non-profits, consulates, as well as private individuals. He started translating for extra money while in high school, and continued to do so throughout college and grad school. It then took him two jobs to realize that, since translation was always the go-to for pocket money, it probably made sense to make a career out of it. He now earns a living from Freelance Translation, and has recently set up a boutique Translation Agency called Lugano Translations, run entirely with Freelancers. Thanks to Freelance Translation, Robert and his wife have been able to work remotely from all over the world, from Shanghai to Tuscany to Washington D.C. They currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina, with their one-year-old daughter. His expertise is in Freelancing, from both the perspective of the "hirer" as well as the "hiree". Robert also has a passion for languages, both for work and just for pleasure.

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