Welcome to Avocado!

Hey, Colin here 👋 I’m the Founder of Avocado.

Let’s talk about audio learning.

Long before we had the written word, we told stories to teach each other.

For generations, we passed down information by word of mouth.

Across all eras and in all parts of the world, oral storytelling was how we transmitted information.

But things changed.

Computer screens were invented and we became trapped in modern offices all day.

Sitting in front of a computer became the default way to learn. We were never meant for this.

We are not built to sit in front of a computer screen all day.

Thankfully audio is making a comeback.

AirPods and Alexas are flying off the shelves and making audio consumption easier than ever.

The amount of listening time we have has exploded. We are finally returning to our roots of auditory learning.

Podcasts and audiobooks are great, but it is time for a new native audio learning format.

Enter Avocado.

Our mission is to turn your spare listening time into productive learning time.

If you are excited to peel yourself away from the screen and learn in a more natural way, we would love to have you join us.
Colin Keeley, Co-Founder & CEO

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