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Record your audio and use our drag-and-drop platform to upload.

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Why your book needs an audio version?

Market Demand

Audiobooks is the fastest growing category in the entire publishing industry with annual sales of $1B and demand increasing by 30% each year. Your audiobook will likely outsell your ebooks and physical books.

Bigger Audience

An audiobook opens up you up to all the people that don't have the time or patience to sit down and read your book. Audiobooks people read on the go and fit your content into their busy lives.

Charge More

Audiobooks typically sell for 2 or 3 times the price of traditional books. Bundle your audiobook and ebook together for an easy upsell. Many readers are happy to pay more for the convenience of having consumption options.

Customer love

“I feel like anyone teaching anything should be using Avocado. No one wants to stare at another Powerpoint. With audio, you can walk outside while you're listening and actually focus on the content.”

Jackie McNamara, Theory of Me

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Why Audiobooks?

The audiobook market is growing quickly because audio fits into our busy lives.

Customers can listen on their lunch break, while driving, or while on a walk.

Many readers are happy to pay 2-3x the price of traditional books for the convenience of the audio format.

Smooth Audio Delivery

Our modern web, iPhone, and Android apps allow listeners to conveniently listen on the go.

No wait. No fumbling with complicated feeds. Just smooth mobile listening with a professional storefront.
“Audiobooks are the perfect knowledge product. Scalable and easy to produce. Never going back to video.”
Abbey Carlyle, London
“I love the product, but I love the support even more. The Avocado team helped me every step of the way.”
Rachel Cook, New York

Monetization Made Easy

Go global instantly. Accept international payments and we'll handle all the messy stuff.

Build a audiobook business that scales. We’ll help you along the way.

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For creators that want to try audio courses out.

Unlimited listens
Unlimited audiobooks
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For creators building an audience.

Unlimited listens
Unlimited audiobooks
Web, iOS, Android
Coupon codes
5% Transaction fees
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For creators that want a more robust audio course platform.

Unlimited listens
Unlimited audiobooks
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0% Transaction fees
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A learning management system built for bigger teams (10+ employees) that require a scalable and customizable hosting infrastructure with added security and compliance features.

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