Why You Should Turn An Ebook Into An Audiobook

Do you have an Ebook published? Are you looking for alternative modes of sales funnels for it or how to reach a broader audience? This article will list some reasons why turning your Ebook into an audiobook will help answer the questions above.

People spend more time on the go and less time sitting in one place. This means that they have or choose to spend less time sitting down absorbing text-based information. According to an article on GoodEreader.com, there was a 16% increase in audiobook sales in the United States alone that generated $1.2 billion dollars. Compare this to the $983 million that Ebooks made in the US for 2019. You can be the judge here, but the proof is right there--audiobooks are increasingly becoming more popular and outselling Ebooks. 

Odds are, if you are reading this, you’ve already done the laborious work in that you wrote your Ebook and have it published somewhere. Sweet, you’re ahead of the game. If you’re still unsure of why you should turn those words into another format for people to enjoy, this article will detail a few points as to what an audiobook is, how to reach an untapped audience, and the benefits of audiobooks. 

What is an audiobook?

An audiobook is a written book, either print or Ebook, that is narrated and digitized. Audiobooks will be narrated by the author of the book or a paid narrator. This part allows for some creativity in how the story is read and transmitted to listeners. After narrating the books, they are then sold online through apps and programs where listeners can enjoy them in the same way one would with music platforms. There is the ability to skip ahead, stop, pause, change the speed of the voice, and sometimes change the narrator’s voice. 

When can people consume audiobooks?

The beauty of audiobooks is that they can be consumed at any moment and are not a single-person activity. Whether you choose to use headphones and get lost in a book on your morning run or your family is navigating through the halls of Hogwarts together--everyone can enjoy audiobooks when it’s convenient for them. A few examples of when people tend to consume audiobooks are listed below. 

  • Exercising
  • Walking the dog
  • Shopping
  • Driving 
  • Picking up the kids' toys for the fifth time in one day
  • Resting before bed

What are the benefits of creating an audiobook?

Print books are still the most prevalent form of reading, but the other modes are slowly but surely creeping up. As of 2020, the average American read 8.1 audiobooks in the last 12 months. This data shows that Americans are consuming content in many forms and authors need to be able to provide access to their books in various formats to reach all of their potential readers. There are so many benefits to creating an audiobook, but a few are listed below.

  1. Storytelling. There is immense power in storytelling. For as long as humans have been around, storytelling has been a part of living. It is how traditions were passed down before pen and paper existed. With storytelling comes the power of audio and being able to hear the intonation of one’s voice as they describe the scared female protagonist being followed late at night, who calls her boyfriend to confide in him. This takes a typical Ebook to a whole new level.
  2. Provide accessibility for those with disabilities. There are people who have vision, focus, or hand/grip problems and therefore cannot read physical books. By providing an alternative audio format, they now can.
  3. Attract those who “don’t read”. There is a whole group of people who don’t like the physical act of being sedentary in order to read books. Due to this, they simply don’t read books. They still want to consume content; just on the go. This brings in the idea of storytelling to make the audio more engaging for listeners. 
  4. Less screen time. Listening to audiobooks means that you don’t have to stare at a screen anymore. A vast majority of jobs and daily life activities now require looking at screens in some regard. With audiobooks, you get to be immersed in life, while enjoying a book of your choosing. Easier to consume. In order to reach a broader audience, consider audiobooks because a study by The Publisher’s Association found that 41% chose to buy an audiobook because it allows them to consume book content when reading is not possible. It’s like listening to music--you break out of your own head and get to hear someone else’s voice describe to you what the forest looks like in Alice in Wonderland
  5. Create a shared experience for family and/or friends. People to enjoy the story together by ong car ride or nightly walks. 
  6. More money. At the end of the day, it’s another revenue stream for you to add to your income. 

Don’t wait to convert your Ebook to an audiobook

The longer you wait to turn your Ebook into an audiobook, the more saturated the market will be come. The number of adults with a household income of over $75,000 that have listened to an audiobook has increased to 30%, as of 2019, according to Pew Research. Get into the market while it’s hot. All you need to do is set aside time, much like you did with writing your Ebook to record the audio or find someone who will. You’ve done the grunt work in building your book, now invest a little bit more time to increase your sales by creating an audiobook format of it. Think of how many more people will listen to your book.

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