Why You Should Create Online

Creating online is oftentimes pushed aside for its ability to radically transform one's life. Use the internet to your advantage.

Often times, the tasks that seem small are the ones that have the largest impact. There are a few reasons why creating online can provide huge returns, even when it may seem like you’re simply writing or speaking to an audience of one. Creating online allows you to build a network. You can create a place where like-minded individuals can find you and in addition to building an audience who will buy your products or provide you with a way to make an income. To do so, you have to do be willing to do two things: 1) to be willing to play the long game and 2) give way more than you get. 

Look at any of the top performers in any industry and understand that most likely they did not get to where they are now with sheer determination and good luck. Odds are, they used their determination and tenacity to get them in the door somewhere, but it was the connections they built along the way the ultimately boosted them to where they are now. Connections are powerful. Although creating likely does not provide the chance for in-person interactions or people stumbling by your shop as they are on a morning walk, it does provide ample opportunity for 100x more people to find you. The beauty of creating online is that people do not have to be in a physical location to stumble upon you. 

When you create online, you provide the opportunity for others to find you. In doing so, you do not have to be the one constantly reaching out for these connections--they will find you. People who are truly interested in what you’re doing will start to reach out. This will create a domino effect as you will start to see the returns in your efforts. Google’s search engine optimization will also start to play in your favor as you produce more content and take advantage of the algorithm by using keywords and article lengths.

The true value in creating online and building a network is that you are able to stake a claim into whatever is yours. You can decide what you want to be the front runner in. If you want to be the next go-to on personal finance for twentysomethings, then go out there and start spreading the word on your point of view where twentysomethings hang out. People care about how you can help them and when you do, they begin to follow you. Produce articles and videos that are helpful, but in addition to this content, answer questions on Instagram and Twitter. Don’t underestimate the value of taking the time to personally answer people’s questions. It means a heck of a lot more when you interact with people on a one-one level than you may think. Work on building a solid 100 or 1,000 foundation of people who are committed to your mission. You don’t need to speak to one million people to be successful at what you’re doing.

Building an audience comes back to the importance of having a baseline of people who buy your products when you release them. Knowing that you have a pre-established market will be invaluable later on when you do choose to publish a book, course, sell merchandise, or whatever it is that you choose. You will have to spend less on marketing it and you will also build exactly what they need. Guaranteed success. 

Create online to help others.

Create online to find network opportunities.

Create online to find new friends.

Create online to earn a living.

Create online to test out your ideas.

Create online.

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