The Future of Education Is More Personal

Education already looks different than it did five or ten years ago. Imagine how much different it will look in ten more years? Catch the train before it's full and starting creating courses today!

Traditional education involves sitting in a classroom with little options for topics to learn. 

Traditional education involves a predetermined amount of time invested in a topic. 

Traditional education has standards set for millions of students, even though each one is unique. 

Real education is a personal endeavor. 

Real education should be fun. 

Real education should provide students with information that is useful in their lives. 

Real education takes place while traveling, reading books, watching videos, and doing. 

There’s no question that there are specific topics that are necessary for people to be fully functioning members of society, but most of those are not even taught in schools as is. Education can change lives, but the system right now just causes students to lose interest and get more lost than they would otherwise. 

A shift is occurring. Technology and the current state of society are showing that education is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach. Recent technology has made access to opportunities more readily available. Technology has created a more individualized approach to meet students where they are, not bringing them into something and expecting them to catch up right away. Society is starting to see the benefits of individualized learning as the job economy is shifting, and people see the positive effects of these individualized education plans. 

What does the future of education look like?

Education in the future looks like what is beginning to occur, personalized instruction in which the students choose what they learn about, the mode they know, and the pace at which they learn. The students are the ones dictating what matters to them. The students have gained the control to truly reap the benefits of education instead of being bogged down by arbitrary work. This change means that the idea of “teachers” will change drastically over the coming years as anyone with a course will be considered a teacher and provide value to their students. This decentralized market will allow creators to change the industry and have an impact on people in a powerful way. 

Beat your competition and by being the first

Create and sell audio courses on Avocado Audio to reach the market of students taking control of their education right now. The market is open and waiting for creators to take advantage of what opportunities have yet to be tapped into. By starting early and building your audience, you will be ahead of the game and able to find your voice before saturation begins. Saturation is not necessarily a bad thing; competition is healthy. The downside is that saturation provides more options for potential customers to choose from. When you’re the only one with an audio course on a specific topic, your course will be the one they buy. However, when there are multiple courses available, someone else’s message might resonate more with them. You won’t be able to get every customer by any means, but you will have a leg up the sooner you start.

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