The Best 5 Ways to Sell Your Audio Course

Built your audio course and want to make sure you sell it on the best sites? Check out these options in this article for where to sell it!

What is an audio course?

There’s a good chance that if you’re on this page you either have an audio course already created or you’re learning about the process. An audio course is a course, just like an e-course, but instead of video and screen-based learning, the material is taught through audio. The courses are still broken down into lessons, based on however the teacher deems it appropriate. Depending on the course, there may be additional material as well to help aid in the learning process. 

In short, it is learning without the screen. 

5 ways to sell your audio course

  1. Avocado Audio is solely dedicated to the selling of audio courses. Users know when they come on to the site that they are looking to learn outside of the typical screen or text-based learning modalities that currently exist in the mainstream media. 
  2. iTunes is another popular method. The company will allow certain people to publish and sell audio courses on its site, others need to go through an aggregator (here). The audio files will need to fit the specific settings in order to be uploaded. On top of this, there are price restrictions as well as, no ability to upload supplemental materials. 
  3. Shopify allows you to upload your own products and sell them. You have the ability to upload and sell audio content, but the delivery and functionality would be up to you. It would require some time to figure out how your users can get the most out of their experience since the platform is not specifically built for this medium. 
  4. Online Course Platforms such as Thinkific and Teachable offer the ability to create an audio course and sell. They are mainly built to deliver video-based courses, as most of the learning is built for the web. The downside is that users would not be able to access the course content while on the go. 
  5. Customer Hub, a cloud-based platform, in which people can use the software to build membership sites. On the sites, they can then upload multimedia content for their subscribers to view. The downside here is that the platform is web-based only. 

Notable Mentions:

There are a lot of options of there to pick through when deciding which platform fits your price needs, accessibility, and ease of use. If you’re not happy with any of the ones listed above, there are seven more options below. Each of these options offers a unique experience for both you, the creator, and your listener. 

I’ve uploaded my course, now what?

In order to make money on your course, people need to know about it. This big weight falls on your shoulders as the author to ensure the word is spread. Uploading it onto any or all of these platforms listed above will only put the content out into the world. You are one step further along--you’ve taken the audio course and exposed it to the world. Most people in the world have the potential to interact with it now. Unfortunately, due to over-crowded information stuffed on the internet, most people will not know how to find your course. 

Sometimes you get lucky and will be featured for a special on one of your distribution sites and gain some traction from that. If not, you’re left to your own devices. You need to tell everyone about your course and how it can help them. For more information on how to spread the word on your course to get the most out of these audio course platforms, check out our marketing articles.

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