6 Ways To Scale Your Coaching Business With Audio Courses

Don't be bogged down by constantly having to meet with your coaching clients. Take back some of your time by implementing scaling methods using Avocado Audio and adding audio courses for your clients.

Coaching is a taxing job. You are always required to be on top of your game to help your clients, no matter which field of coaching you work in. Coaches carry the weight of their clients’ success on their shoulders. This article will offer a way to take off a bit of that load for you.

What is coaching?

In it’s purest form, coaching is a person (the coach) helping someone achieve their goals. There are many coaching techniques and methods used to produce the desired results that will vary on the style each coach prefers. Also, coaching takes many forms, aside from the typical sports coach definition. A few examples are executive coaches, career coaches, entrepreneur coaches, strategic coaches, and accountability coaches. 

What does it mean to scale your coaching business?

Scaling your coaching business puts your business in a position that it can support the growth of your company as it happens. You can grow and not worry about issues that may arise from taking on new clients or challenges. The main goal with scaling is to re-purpose your content to help more people, get more free time, and make more money. 

Ways to scale your coaching business

As a coach, you will eventually come to a crossroads when deciding which route to take to make more money. One way to do so is to charge a higher rate. This is ideal if you like smaller, more personalized coaching. The other route is to figure out a way to reproduce your content over and over again. Using this method allows you to play around with a price that fits the information you include in your services. You can create a variety of packages that cater to your audience’s needs. A downside to this is that your content may lose the personal touch, but if your results work just the same, no one will care. Everyone wants something that works. And fast. Hit those two markers, and most people will not have any issues. 

There are a multitude of ways to scale your coaching business. A few examples are listed below:

1. Retreats

The time length can vary, but by offering retreats, you can compile all your services into one package for a weekend or a week-long event. The retreat allows you to connect for a short period and give participants a taste, and if they decide they want to purchase your other products, they will. 

2. Membership-based communities

Members will pay for things such as access to networking events, community chats, and special offers.

3. Group coaching

Size can vary, but figure out what ratio works best for your content and what the members need to get what they paid for. Can be beneficial for providing a team to rally around with and allow members to find a community immediately. 

4. Various package plans 

One-on-one coaching vs the do-it-yourself coaching method (ex: PDF download)

5. Speaking

This can be done with either in-person or virtual speaking engagements. You can even save the recording to sell it separately and break down the content into bite-sized bits for media content.

Why you should create Avocado Audio Courses

If you’re a coach, odds are you have content online in some way shape, or form. It may not be all videos or other visuals, regardless, you have information available to use with your clients. Do not worry if you don’t have any audio-based content currently. All you need is to purchase a decent microphone, access to a computer, and an editing platform to be successful. You can either edit the audio yourself or hire a freelancer to do it. The choice is yours.

Using Avocado is an easy way to build up your coaching toolbox for what you can offer clients. Building an audio course has a low barrier to entry, so you can dramatically increase your revenue while increasing your clients’ ability to be successful as the more valuable content you can make accessible in many ways, the better. Avocado takes out the hassle of getting the content in an audio format that users can pop in their headphones as they go on a walk. Now, they can learn from you while on their walk!

Ways to use Avocado Audio to scale your coaching business

1. Use the Avocado Audio as supplementary material for the main course

  • Have the audio course as extra nuggets to add value to clients
  • Interview others in the field and/or industry you focus your practice on

2. Use Avocado as the main, bulk content and add in your current resources as supplemental material

  • Have guest lecturers teach a sub topic 
  • Break down your courses for clients on the go who can’t sit in front of a screen to digest your content
  • Make it manageable and enjoyable to listen to

3. Use Avocado hand-in-hand with Zoom or virtual meetings

  • How did you interpret the week’s lessons? 
  • What did you take away from the content?

4. Add new courses that you don’t have material one currently

  • Expand your reach by creating content that is more a new niche in your market
  • Think about other problems your clients may have and think about how you can address them. 

5. Make the audio content part of a VIP package or membership community

  • Can include special tidbits of information or speeches that only those who purchase the audio course get access to

6. Reach a whole new market

  • By putting up your course(s) on Avocado, you are opening your brand up to a new, untapped market.
  • Think of how much more of an impact you can have.

The main point here is this: it does not hurt to add Avocado into your lineup of tools for clients to find you or ways to provide value to your current members. The plans start at $0 a month and allow you the power to set your price.

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