6 Gift Ideas For Audiophiles

Out of ideas for gifts? No worries, we've crafted a list of 6 great gifts, regardless of your budget this season!

With the holiday season in full swing, and last-minute shopping fast approaching, don’t settle for gifts for your loved ones. Get them something they will use and enjoy. We’ve compiled six gift ideas any audiophile would enjoy getting, even if it can’t be tucked underneath the tree. Regardless of if they’re interested in audio courses or new headphones, we’ve got you covered!

Avocado Audio Course

Price: Varies

For those that have a desire to learn, but don’t have time to sit in front of a computer and watch videos, this is the perfect gift for them! Learn on the go! Avocado offers a variety of audio course options and can cater to the curiosity of whatever your loved one is interested in.


Price: $159 - $249

Top-notch earbuds that anyone would be grateful to have. Depending on which version you go with, you have the option to get spatial audio, active noise cancellation, water resistance, and customizable in-ear fit. The battery life ranges from 4.5 to 5 hours per charge but can be upped with a charge in the wireless case. 

Rega Planar 2 Turntable

Price: $675

With a new RB220 tonearm and high gloss acrylic finish, this turntable will have any audiophile running to the stores to get one. Don’t suffer through listening to your records with low-quality audio anymore; upgrade today!

Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar

Price: $2,499.98

A 3D home audio experience with 13 speakers in one. There are 9 front-facing speakers, 2 side speakers, and 2 height-channel speakers to provide an immersive experience. In addition to this, there are 6 4-inch long-throw woofers that reproduce 30Hz bass. On top of this, you can cater to your audio preferences to fit your taste. Movie nights reimagined. 

MicPort Pro 2 

Price: $ 299.99

A true gamechanger for on-the-go mics. The MicPort Pro 2 is a portable USB mic preamp that can turn any phone into a recording studio or live-streaming broadcast facility. Two things that set it apart are the built-in rechargeable battery and the ability to record directly to your phone--no laptop needed. 

Vinyl Me, Please

Price: Basic Plans starting at $33/mo 

A monthly vinyl subscription program. Each month, you will have the opportunity to choose between the selections in the following categories: Classics (Blues, Soul, and Jazz), Essentials (metal, indie rock, country, and folk), and Hip-Hop (old school to SoundCloud styles). Each month an email will be sent out about the following month’s record options. If you don’t like the options, you can Swap for one you know you’ll love. This is a fabulous gift for someone who would enjoy getting a package each month and loves finding new music. 

There are plenty of gift options for audiophiles that are sure to satisfy their needs. If none of these do the trick, think outside of the box.

What could they use that they don’t even know they need just yet?

Enhance their audio experience.

Give them the power of knowledge.

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