Common Questions

Who can teach on Avocado?
Avocado course creators are working professionals, experts, and subject matter enthusiasts. There is no cost to getting started. Sign up here.
What's included in a Avocado course?
Avocado courses include a combination of audio lessons, additional resources (PDFs, etc.), and a community section where members can discuss the course and related questions.
How long should my course be?
Most courses are a half hour to 2 hours, but it is entirely up to you. We’ve found that relatively short lessons (2-8 minutes) tend to be better for students.
How much money can I make? 
There is really no limit to what you can earn. Making a very healthy full-time income is 100% within reach for most creators. The world-wide audience for your knowledge is way bigger than you think.
Can my course be free?
Yes, feel free to set your course to free. We are still happy to host it for you.
What should the price of my course be?
We generally advise against pricing below $20 for a general-interest course. If your course is more specialized or in-depth, we recommend pricing it above $50.

Don’t undervalue your knowledge and hard work! Good education is extremely valuable, and you’re putting real effort into creating something wonderful for your students, so you deserve to be fairly compensated.
How do I get paid?
You’ll earn revenue for every student that buys your course. We'll take out platform fees and transaction fees depending on your plan. We’ll tally up your earnings each month and send you payments on a net 30 basis.
How long does it take to get my course live?
Once you've produced and uploaded your course, we can get it published in under a week. Often on the same day.
Do you offer any resources for creators?
Yes! We offer resources like the Audio Course Creation Guide and blogs posts to help you build a great audio course. We’re also available for any questions at

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