Your Modern Guide to Chakras

Based on the 2020 LIVE COURSE with Teresa Collins of, Jennie and Teresa bring you channelled information to boost your energy and release those blocks! Healing with all 7 Chakras - learn what they are, how to boost them and gain an understanding of energy healing. Ancient information, made plain and concise for modern living! Even prior to birth, a certain dominant colour, your life colour, flooded down from what we call the heavens, through what will become your Crown Chakra, that is the uppermost energy centre of your little body which would ultimately be your head. Simultaneously, energy rushed up from the magnetic molten centre of the Earth through the base of your body to what would develop into your Root Chakra. These two energies met in the very centre of you, forming your Heart Chakra. This swirling vortex of heaven and earth energy culminating in your heart formed your tiny beating heart and from there every other part of you continues to take physical form. Yes, your energy forms your physical self, continually. That is really good news because it means when we address energy consciousness, we can improve our physical condition The chakra system is a good way to explain the balance of combined energies that radiate in a swirling mass in a particular location of time space reality based on the human form we inhabit. Imagine the physical world as a complex tapestry and on the outside you see the images, the detailed aspects of all areas of life, some closely connected aspects and some disconnected features with completely different characteristics and far flung locations. For example, you, your secretarial work ten years’ ago, your pet chihuahua, your holiday next year in the Maldives, your great great grandmother, your psoriasis, your dream of that big lottery win.On the back of the tapestry you see the connecting coloured threads. You see how each aspect is connected to another and MUST be, as everything is one. What you can do is follow a particular thread and understand how that stream of consciousness, that energy, is manifesting in the big picture. The techniques of clearing, healing, unblocking and reinvigorating these chakras will have profound positive impact upon anyone undertaking this work. Enjoy.

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