The Couples Connection Challenge

This challenge is for couples who have been together for at least a few months. It focuses upon sharing the benefits of having fun, supporting each other, being affectionate, and deepening intimacy. It requires both of you to take part in reflective practices, exercises with pen and paper, and mini-meditations. You need 15 minutes each for these 2 days. You both need to spend this time undisturbed, no noise, where you can concentrate fully. You will be fully engaging with your partner in ways that are familiar to you, as well as new and refreshing. Here's what we'll do for this two day mini challenge... Day 1 - Our First Encounters We’re nurturing the foundations first. Reconnecting you both with some, warm, gentle and loving thoughts, feelings and memories. Day 2 - Your Sweet Spot That You Share This exercise helps you recall and appreciate a moment that you have shared together. A moment that you still treasure to this day, which your partner may well have forgotten about until now. Let's do this!

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