The Complete Public Speaking Certification Program (Part 2): Delivery Skills

Attention: Public Speakers Finally, You’ll Have a Proven, Step-By-Step Hands-On Plan To… …TRIPLE Your Audience 10,000 speakers around the globe use this rock-solid formula to spread their ideas and triple their audience. Ordinary presenters just don’t get it…. Recently I attended a presentation and watched two audience members walk out… “It wasn’t anything special…lost me early on,” said the 1st. The 2nd said: “It was boring…didn’t have all the answers.” Once you lose your audience, it’s nearly impossible to get them back. None of us can stand boring presentations with little excitement… … or presenters that talk too fast, are monotone and use lots of ums and filler words. We hate bad subject material that’s too easy and presenters that talk down to us. We all want to connect to the people in the room… …To touch audiences more emotionally and give them good advice. But, if you’re boring and give boring presentations, then they don’t care about what you’re presenting. You’re not looked at as a SME (subject matter expert). It’s not uncommon to look out and 5 or 10 minutes in, see folks starting to drift away and to watch their attention spans wither. Even though you know getting them involved and captivated is absolutely going to help you, it may be hit or miss for you right now. You may have a fear of screwing up… …with bigger audiences, smaller audiences or even 1-on-1 conversations. You may have complicated content or you don’t know where to start…. …many of the best speakers often have to re-engineer their presentations because the content they have to deliver changes fast… …it can be challenging when contemplating writing (or re-writing) your script,and handling a presentation with 50 slides when it could have been 3. You may get nervous beforehand… …even if it’s nothing seeded that keeps you up at night, you still get nervous before a lot of presentations. Even if you’re not nervous inside, you may worry about SHOWING nervousness… You may just want to be more comfortable at public speaking. That’s because PRESENTATION COUNTS… Thought leaders not only know their stuff, but can REALLY PRESENT it well… … just watch a cooking show…some say it even makes the food taste better. When you can make a good impression quickly and CONTINUE to come across well to your audience. You can do something special… …you can touch emotions and go BIG. A Few Questions BEFORE You Present: Do you know how to guarantee you’re telling your audience exactly what they want to know? Have you identified your presentation personality style, and do you know how to use it to entertain your audience by being yourself? Have you dialed in your messaging to make sure you’ll deliver a flawless presentation without relying on a script? What if your audience isn’t listening? Do you have a plan for engagingand re-engaging your listeners? Most importantly…are you absolutely certain your entire audience will take action when you’re done? “If You Answered ‘No’ To Any of These Questions, Then You Need Presentation Bootcamp” FACT: Businesses Need Presenters (…Who Actually Know What They’re Doing) I’m not going to sell you on the importance of presentations. If you’re here, you already know what presentations can do for your business: Triple your employee and customer engagement… Gain credibility, connect to people in the room… Touch emotions, spread ideas and make the content exciting… In other words, presentation skills increase engagement and lowers turnover: The lifeblood of any business. So that’s why businesses need great presenters. There’s just one problem: Most so called “presenters” don’t know what they’re doing. That’s where you come in. As a Public Speaking and Presentations Specialist, you are uniquely qualified to help businesses convert presentations into engagement, learning and a change in behavior. More specifically, in this master class, you’ll learn: How to create content that makes your audience crave everything you say…(Do this right and you’ll see them motivated to take action!) Stay calm and in control in front of every audience and overcome nervousness and anxiety when presenting… Coordinate what you say and what your audience sees for a flawless delivery… Entertain and amuse your audience in a style that’s true to you… Make the audience feel safe, make them feel good and make them laugh… Master your body language by taking a strong stance in the sweet spot, master eye contact and keep your body still when needed… Identify the pain points and pleasure points of your audience and how your takeaways relieve the pain points and enhance pleasure points… Organize your material to make it easy for you to deliver and for your audience to follow… Read your audience for maximum impact so you can make all listeners feel your message is meant just for them… Develop your core content by defining your tasks, solving the mysteries and keeping things simple… Manage your pace and deliver a presentation that ends on time, every time… Create and use visuals and pictures that make complex ideas clearer and more memorable by adding impact to your presentation… Integrate your words, blueprint, handout and visuals to make a compelling final presentation product… Elicit questions and provide answers even when you have none, and still making people feel safe to ask a questions… Captivate your audience within the first 5 minutes by getting them to trust, believe and listen to you… How to create a title for your presentation that motivates your audience to attend your presentation in the first place… Persuade your audience with the words you choose by minimizing fillers, eliminating deceptive words and finding alternatives to negative or controlling words… How to identify exactly what your audience wants to know (and why they want to know it)…(HINT: this lets you present the “how” you’re going to give it to them.) Find your optimal pace, volume and tone of voice and master your inflections to create dynamic effects… Create opening slides that assure your audience they are in the right place and reminds them what they are going to hear… Speak with confidence and credibility and show audience members they can trust what you say… Easily engage your audience and stay on topic so their minds never wander with recall questions, leading questions, relevance questions and expertise questions…. Use the “agree and see if you’re right” technique to address every learning style… Remain in charge no matter what’s happening by rewarding only positive behaviors… The exact steps to make your takeaways specific and actionable in seven words or less… Show your presentation was worthwhile and move your audience to respond with enthusiasm… …and much, MUCH more! Are You A “Doer”…or Just a “Talker?” (or…Why You Might Want To Take this Course) Let’s face it: Presentation Experts are a dime a dozen. So how do you separate those who “walk the talk” from the ones who merely… …talk? And at Rule the Room, it was our problem, too. You see, we don’t just teach presentation best practices, we actually DO PRESENTATIONS for businesses that we ACTUALLY OWN, CONSULT, or WORK FOR. Sure, over the last 10 years, we’ve observed and analyzed over 10,000 speakers (including the top 100 TED talks of all time). But, we’ve also personally given over 10,000 talks of our own to over 1,000,000 people. We aren’t researchers. We aren’t journalists. We’re business owners training employees (and training influencers to train employees) to achieve their full potential at work, convert belief into practice, and make retaining our employees a priority. In other words: WE ACTUALLY DO THIS STUFF… …so we know how hard it is to find truly skilled presenters who know what they’re talking about. We call it “Ruling the Room”, and here it is… Your Expertise + Our Rule the Room Method = IMPACT. THAT makes you an INFLUENCER… And that’s why we created the “Presentation Bootcamp” course. We built this course to train our own presenters, but in the spirit of “open sourcing” our business (which is what Rule the Room is all about) we’re now making this certification and training available to the world. In short, we’re making it available to YOU… What Is the Public Speaking and Presentation Bootcamp Workshop? A Tested and Proven Recipe Presentation Bootcamp gives you a proven, step-by-step plan for creating, delivering and managing your presentations and public speaking. It takes you all the way from creating a customized, memorable presentation, to feeling more prepared and confident, to engaging and entertaining even the most challenging audience, and beyond! We didn’t invent the presentation, but we have perfected it. And now, we’re giving it to you… Move From “Ok” to Rock Star! Imagine moving from “Ok” to ROCK STAR……being the keynote speaker that everybody came to see. Instead of your audience saying, “It wasn’t anything special, was boring, and didn’t have all the answers, they say: “It was awesome, credible, dynamic, exciting, engaging, special, amazing, commanding, professional and polished.” Presentation Bootcamp will give you the exact recipes, techniques and skills to spread your ideas and triple your audience. Your Presentation Will Write Itself. Do you know exactly what you should say in your opener or closing? What about your agenda and core content? What about your slideshow? You don’t have to guess. During the Presentation Bootcamp, you’ll present your content and find out if your audience wants to hear what you have to say before you spend a lot of energy preparing or waste a lot of time on content creation. Then, you’ll learn EXACTLY what to say, and how (and why) to say it so can deliver a seamless message that gets action and applause… Gain Instant Credibility and Connection Everyone wants to know how to get up in front of an audience and connect with it—right away. Presentation Bootcamp will show you how. Using the Rule the Room principles, you will get an immediate response that will be unlike any you have experienced. The rustling will stop. People will come to attention. Eyes will be fixed on you. That’s because you will be using techniques most presenters have no idea about but that will win over even the toughest audience. You may even be surprised to find you’re enjoying yourself. Getting Your First Standing Ovation…And Beyond! Presentations don’t have to be boring. Once you lose your audience, it’s nearly impossible to get them back. But if you touch emotions, get interaction and laughter, and keep them engaged and listening to the point where they want to take action, then you can connect with people in the room, be looked at as a SME, and go for bigger and bigger conferences… How Does It Work? The Complete Public Speaking and Presentation Bootcamp is a 16 hour online workshop, that’s divided into three parts… Part 1 (Create): Content Creation In part 1, we’ll attract your audience with content they can’t resist, and keep them there by revealing to them the underlying emotional reasons they want it. You’ll create core content that is exactly what your audience wants to hear, put it into a form that makes it easy for you to deliver, and present it in an attractive slideshow. Create Welcome and Introduction Prepare an Irresistible Menu Create Your Core Content Map Out Your Message Add Variety to Your Visuals Create Action Items Part 2 (Convey): Delivery Skills (YOU ARE HERE) In part 2, you will create an immediate and powerful impression on your audience by standing in the right place, working the room with your body and convincing with your words, and your voice. You’ll learn the techniques that will make you project a calm and confidence under any circumstances. Convey Welcome and Introduction Start with a Killer Opener Command With Your Body Convince With Your Voice Overcome Your Presentation Fears Appear Confident and Credible Convey Action Items Part 3 (Captain): Audience Management, Engagement, Laughter In part 3, you’ll keep them engaged and laughing using your genuine personality style, and feeling that what you’re presenting is specifically for them. You’ll show expertise, keep to your timetable, respond well to every question, defuse any distractions and end on such a high note that they applaud you. Captain Welcome and Introduction Keep the Audience Captivated Make Your Presentation Enjoyable Tailor Your Approach Stay on Schedule Answer Any Question Minimize Distractions Close to Applause Captain Action Items By the time we’re finished, you’ll have an amazing presentation, PLUS all the skills you need to deliver that presentation with confidence and genuine engagement. Most Importantly, You’ll Know How to Create And Deliver A Presentation That Can Change People’s Behavior! Public Speaking Bootcamp: Reviews “I have been to several seminars on public speaking and giving presentations, including Dale Carnegie training. I truly went into this thinking that I couldn't possibly learn anything new, but I found myself scribbling notes like a mad woman during the presentation. I quickly realized that these were tips and techniques that I had never heard before, and that I could use immediately upon my return to the office.” - Joey Monson-Lillie- Human Resources Manager “The number of things that you take away from one of Jason’s presentations, there’s just so many things, you can’t count them because it’s going to be different for every person. He might teach something that a few people in the room already know, but for the rest of the room it’s brand new knowledge for them and so the vast breadth of information that he teaches the entire audience is perfect because you know you are always going to come away with a lot of information.” - Brad Grzesiak - Co-Founder and CEO – Bendyworks “Jason’s techniques break down speaking fundamentals that can make anyone a more powerful and relatable speaker. His tips have revolutionized my presentations at large conferences, and internally to PerBlue employees.” - Justin BeckCEO- PerBlue "Every piece of advice you give has a very clear, direct follow-up action: if you want to get better at x (and by the way, doing x makes your presentations better), do y. The "y" you specify is never vague but instead very precise and obvious, thereby making your advice practical, unlike most given on the topic." Alex Jamar- Project Manager “Your class was one of the most useful that I have taken. Not only did you teach me how to give an outstanding presentation, you also demonstrated how to do so. This has been so useful as a project manager that I will likely take it again in order to refine my skills.” John Dickens- Project Manager "Honestly, this was one of the most helpful classes in my career and I think your presentation skills training was at the core of what made the class so effective. You model the skills that we want to obtain, and I think that helps a lot of different learning styles. I liked this class so much I tell my team members and ACs to attend this class anyways.” Rachel Goldsmith - Implementation Services "I’ve had amazing teachers throughout my life, but few were as engaging and informative as Jason. I was blown away after seeing just one of his presentations – if you’re lucky enough to have the same opportunity, do not pass it up.” Will Brooks- Quality Assurance "I figured Jason Teteak might have a few new tricks—but not much that I hadn’t heard before. I was wrong. Jason integrates the latest research on presenting, learning, and audience dynamics with a captivating style that plays with the ironic fact that he is doing presentations… about presentation skills. And therein lies the secret to this marvelous program." - Philip Deloria- Professor and Associate Dean, University of Michigan “Your presentation training helped me immensely understand that people love presentations when they are learning what they want to know. After taking your presentation training into account, I know how to design a course that will empower the end user by teaching them what they want to know – things that will make them happy, successful, or more efficient. The fun part is, while you are teaching them what they want to know, you can sneak the things in that they need to know. There is so much more I can learn from your training as well, and I know this is just the tip of the iceberg.” Tucker Morris- MCTS–System Engineer "It's pretty simple. Jason Teteak walks the talk. In this day and age, finding a true thought leader amongst many is the key to getting to new levels. Listening to Jason and benefitting from his teachings will take you to that new level you seek. He is cutting edge, extremely practical and connects in a way that is motivating, informing and memorable. Some of the biggest benefits received from Jason are tactics, ideas and methods that are immediately implementable. Watch Jason’s program before your competition does." - Al Lautenslager- Best-selling Author, Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days What You’ll Get When you enroll in Presentation Bootcamp Parts 1, 2 and 3, you’ll receive instant access to: The Presentation Skills Mastery Course 22 Core Modules 65 Video Lessons 86 Page Presentation Content Creation Learner Workbook 79 Page Presentation Delivery Learner Workbook 119 Page Presentation Audience Management Learner Workbook 19 Practical “Your Turn” Assignments About Your Instructor Jason Teteak is the Founder and CEO of Rule the Room Public Speaking. Jason first made a reputation in the medical training industry, where he was known as “the Epic trainer of trainers.” In response to many requests, he began to offer personalized services and quickly developed a following as a private public speaking and presentations coach and training consultant whose clientele includes elite institutions, universities, and top corporations. In 20 years of working as a trainer and a public speaking/trainer/soft skills coach, he has helped more than 15,000 professionals to “Rule the Room” and has appeared before more than 200,000 people. He’s won praise and a wide following for his original methods, his engaging style, and his knack for transferring public speaking and presentation skills via practical, simple, universal and immediately actionable techniques. Or as he puts it “No theoretical fluff”. He founded Rule the Room Public Speaking with a mission to DOUBLE the impact of 10,000 speaking professionals in the next 5 years. The Rule the Room Public Speaking team, under Jason’s management, has flipped the model and changed the approach to great public speaking and presentations for even the most seasoned veterans. Rule The Room Public Speaking and Presentations Bootcamp Is Different Sure, you can probably find other “public speaking and presentation” trainings and certifications that cover similar topics, but Rule the Room Public Speaking and Presentation Bootcamp is unique because it’s built and taught by real public speakers who actually present and speak and observe, coach and train thousands of public speakers to mastery. In other words, we aren’t “researchers” sharing “theoretical fluff”. We’re in-the-trenches public speakers who despise untested theory and believe that the best way to learn public speaking techniques is to actually get up and teach in front of a real audience. And that's exactly what this program does. If that sounds like something that fits you, then welcome! 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