Public Speaking and Presentations Pro: No Beginners Allowed!

Watch this program, take notes using the attached slideshow handout and start creating your own rock star presentations using the following steps: Step 1: Choose an upcoming presentation (or any presentation) Step 2: Create, practice and deliver your Opener which should include: Your full name Hook with action verbs: “Today you’ll learn…” First slide with deliverables of your presentation Your positive, relatable credentials Enthusiasm A credible statement with an Anecdote/statistic and how you will help them. Step 3: Create, practice and deliver the Body of your Presentation which should include: Knowledge of target audience and pain points Appropriate pace Appropriate vocal tone Appropriate body language Step 4: Deliver a short section of your presentation and elicit questions from someone willing to practice Q&A with you. Create three questions: One in-scope you know the correct answer to One out-of-scope you know the answer to One you don’t know the answer to Hand out questions to other participants to ask you these questions. Your prepared/practiced response should include: Restatement of the question Acknowledgement/thanking the asker Handling the question appropriately with: Confirmation of a satisfactory answer Appropriate tone, body language, etc. Step 5: Create, practice and deliver the final 4-7 min’s of your presentation. This segment should include: A deliverable hook (ex.: create a mystery) Some form of audience engagement (ex.: directional statement) Some form of audience connection (ex.: story, fascinating statistic) Opportunity to answer final questions/meet audience needs (set an appropriate boundary) Strong conclusion

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