How to Write a Profitable Landing Page

A whopping ninety-six percent of people who visit your website are not ready to buy anything during their first visit. If you want them to come back a second time, you need to capture their names and email addresses. But there's your challenge. Most website visitors don't want to give you their name and email address. Website visitors are the online equivalent of retail shoppers who are approached by a salesperson. Offline, the salesperson asks, "May I help you?" And how do you reply? "No thanks, I'm just looking." Online, those infuriating pop-up ads ask you for your name and email address, and what do you do? You say, "I don't think so." And you click away. This is where lead magnets come in. A lead magnet is something of value that you offer your website visitors in exchange for their contact details. They get the lead magnet. You get the lead. But ONLY if your landing page is effective. Welcome to my course, How to Write a Landing Page for a Lead Magnet. I've been writing direct-response copy since 1989. I've written in all of the channels: offline, online, outdoor, mobile, radio, television, video and social. On Udemy, I teach copywriting to over fourteen thousand students from one hundred and forty-two countries. I'm one of the top-rated instructors in the copywriting niche on Udemy. Learn How to Generate Leads with a Landing Page Magnet This course teaches you how to use direct-response copywriting tactics to write landing pages for lead magnets. Landing pages are different from other types of web pages. And landing pages for lead magnets are different from other types of landing pages. At the end of this course, you’ll know how to write a landing page that persuades visitors to give you their name and email address. In other words, you'll know how to write direct-response copy that generates online sales leads. This course is divided into ten essential lessons. YOUR EFFECTIVENESS: During lesson one, you learn the four things that you must get right to create an effective landing page for a lead magnet. YOUR AUDIENCE: Lesson two is all about your target audience. I tell you the questions you need to ask about your potential customers, and where to find the answers to your questions. YOUR PACKAGING: In lesson three, we examine how to "package" your lead magnet. You can have the best lead magnet in the world, but if you don't present it properly, it won't convert many visitors into leads. YOUR CONTEXT: Lesson four is about context. Before you write a word of copy, you need to understand where your visitor has come from, what they are going to see on your landing page besides your copy, and where they are headed next in the sales funnel after they leave your landing page. YOUR HEADLINE: In lesson five, I teach you how to grab interest with headlines and subheads—headlines and subheads that compel your landing-page visitors to give you their names and email address in exchange for your lead magnet. YOUR PITCH: Lesson six is about how to "describe" your lead magnet. Too many landing pages make one fatal mistake – they don’t describe exactly what the lead magnet "is." I teach you what you need to know to turn generalities into specifics. YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION: In lesson seven, we discuss features, benefits and value propositions. Every lead magnet is a value proposition. You are offering something of value to your lead in exchange for something of value to you. We look at the key things that make your value propositions effective. YOUR TWO MOTIVATORS: In lesson eight, we look at the two great motivators of consumer behaviour—pain and pleasure. Consumers avoid pain, and seek pleasure. I teach you how to harness these two great motivators in your direct-response copy so that your landing pages turn more visitors into leads. YOUR CALL TO ACTION: In lesson nine, you learn how to push buttons—call to action buttons, that is. The words you put on your call to action button are vital. I show you five ways to compel visitors to push your buttons. YOUR FINAL STEP: Lesson ten isn't about copywriting as much as it is about revising and editing and proofreading your copy. I show you the four steps you must take to improve your landing page copy before you go live. Practical, Specific, Effective Every one of these lessons is filled with practical, step-by-step advice. I give you the tools, tips and tricks that I've learned over the decades as a direct-response copywriter. I use dozens of examples from the real world of landing pages for lead magnets. I describe what works, what doesn't, and why. Is this Course for You? I designed this course for copywriters who need to write landing-page copy that converts visitors into leads. In other words, copywriters who need to use direct-response techniques to generate online leads.

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