How to Start and Grow a Family Business

Welcome to our course on How to Start and Grow a Family Business. This course is designed for new or existing entrepreneurs looking to start a new family business or are currently involved in a family business. By the end of the course, you will: - learn how to organize better a family business, - grasp the issues involved with Governance and Ownership of a Family Business, - get practical advice on how to manage shareholder arrangements, - learn practical tips to improve communication in a family business, - get advise on how to manage conflicts, - receive suggestions on how to celebrate success, - understand the importance of managing kids effectively in a family business, - learn how to handle a family crisis. Course starts by providing an overview on how to organize a family business by setting expectations and defining roles as well as differentiating between business and family life. Then, we walk through the Governance and Ownership issues including how to set business controls and how to manage shareholder arrangements. Course continues by providing practical tips for success in a family business including effective communications, managing conflicts and celebration of success. Course is completed by providing suggestions on overcoming challenges including managing kids and handling family crisis. The ideal student for this course is a new or existing entrepreneur looking to start or grow a family business. Also, this course is great for others who are currently involved in a family business or looking to setup a family business. There are no technical requirements necessary to enroll. We only ask that you come open minded and ready to learn and ready to take some risks. In order to attend this course, you need to follow the course videos, access additional websites provided in the course, utilize the templates and checklists provided and engage with the course participants and instructor. If you need personal support, I am here to help! The instructor for this course is AJ who brings a wealthy business and educational background including 20 years of business experience having founded and developed multiple companies. He has worked in family businesses of various kinds and has coached many others. Also, AJ has an educational background teaching Entrepreneurship courses to University students

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