How to Master Business Writing

Your success in business depends on your ability to communicate. Want to get ahead in your career? Learn to write well. Hi there, If you can’t write clearly, you won’t get hired. And if can’t write clearly, you won’t last long enough in a position to be considered for promotion. If you want to get ahead in your career, you must learn to write well. Welcome to The Business Writing Course. I’m your instructor, Alan Sharpe. I teach business people around the world how to write clearly, concisely and convincingly. I landed my first paying writing assignment in 1987, and I taught my first business writing workshop in 1989. Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of individuals advance their careers by improving their business writing. Now I’d like to help you. The Business Writing Course is divided into four modules: Module one is an introduction to the world of business writing Module two teaches you the first step in business writing—how to organize your thoughts Module three teaches you the second step in business writing—writing your first draft Module four teaches you the third and final step in business writing—editing your first draft Ideal student? The ideal student for The Business Writing Course is anyone who wants to advance their career by improving their writing. If you want to get hired, or if you want to get promoted, and if poor writing is holding you back, then this course is for you. The Business Writing Course is practical I pass on to you all that I’ve learned about effective business writing during my last three decades as a writer, editor and proofreader. I show you the most common mistakes that business people make in their writing today—and then I show you how to avoid these blunders in your writing. The Business Writing Course is convenient It’s delivered as a series of on-demand video lessons. Each lesson includes a downloadable transcript, helpful for reading on the train or in your spare time. You learn on your schedule Study from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Watch the lessons, complete the exercises and download the resources from anywhere. Enjoy lifetime access You get unlimited access to every lesson, every exercise, every checklist, every helpful resource and every lesson transcript. Wherever you go in your career, the course goes with you.

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