How to Handle Difficult Conversations

Are you a teacher ? or a classroom assistant? or in a working environment with people with a wide diverse section of the community? Have you ever found yourself in a difficult situation where a topic of conversation has arose and you weren't sure how to handle it? Looking back, do you feel it could've been handled better? Is there something that keeps coming up that you are refusing to address? Do you want to learn some techniques and strategies to handle difficult conversations? This course is primarily aimed at those who are in a classroom setting - it could be a school, college, university... it could be young learners, pre teens, teenagers, young adults or senior citizens. People come together to learn, for a whole range of reasons, however in this day and age - people can be from a very wide range of life, and thus disagreements, can arise and misunderstandings can occur due to culture clashes, insensitivity, basic lack of knowledge and awareness. If your role is to be a teacher, lecturer, facilitator, co-ordinator in such an enviroment, any form of disruption like this can lead to loss of valuable teaching time, and it can reoccur if you don't have the skills and techniques to prevent a reoccurance. Take this course if you want to know how to handle difficult conversations. Effective ways to respond, and how to even pre empt the conversation, by bringing up the topic, so that you are not caught off guard again. It could be an election result, a sexist comment, a racist remark - these things cannot go continuously unchallenged in a classroom as silence is the equivalent to agreeing with whatever has been said. Sometimes, it may not be so much a comment, but an incidet that has taken place. Maybe a murder or a suicide and the students are talking about it anyway. Learn how to take control of these instances. Regain the trust and respect of student by being a moderator, an influencer, someone who allows everyone to genuinely have their say, without taking sides or passing judgement, and allowing an issue to be aired. The course takes about 1 hour to complete, but can make all the difference in the teaching environment, the experience for the student, and for you yourself who has to handle all of this - as well as do your job!

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