How To Get That Impress Factor

Why is the 'Impress Factor' so important? Getting that public speaking “impress factor” with audiences will allow you to confidently set the stage as a credible and reliable resource that builds a partnership with people. To get that impress factor, what you actually know matters less than what your audience thinks you know. Some people might be nervous but manage not to show it. More unexpectedly, people who feel quite sure of themselves may not convey the 'Impress Factor' to their audiences. What will you get with 'Impress Factor'? With this program, you'll discover 5 public speaking strategies to show more confidence and credibility to gain that "impress factor" with your audience. You'll learn how to: Build a belief and credibility with operational folks, managers and higher ups so that they say ‘Yay’ rather than ‘Nay’ to the proposals that you have. Feel less stress, anxiety and worry about how people are going to perceive you so that you can build your audience relationships rather than see them go south. Control your emotions using your words and tone in a way that makes your present confidently and intelligently so that you appear very well prepared. Be perceived as more confident and credible in meetings with your audience by using your body language in the right way. Answer any question so that you always sound confident even when you don’t know the answer.” How is 'Impress Factor' different? Our goal is to give people practical and actionable public speaking tools that create a real connection with your audience. Not pie in the sky ideas, one hit wonders or concepts that sound good on paper but are impossible to execute, that come off as disingenuous or that are just plain ineffective for public speaking. Over 20 years ago, I began crafting this method for meeting the challenges of public speaking in a way that’s genuine to you. We show you exactly how to take public speaking skills and use them to seize opportunities, big & small... So you can have the "impress factor" you need to deliver your message, because our guess is what you have to say is pretty important.

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